Thursday, July 29, 2004

Toronto sucks!
We got home alright (eventually), the trip was an adventure to say the least. From Thursday night on, one of the only things that got me to laugh about all the crap we'd been through was The Toronto Song by 3 Dead Trolls In A Baggie. In all fairness, there are aspects of the town that don't suck, but essentially the Lester B. Pearson Airport sucks big time. It'll make sense once I can post my journal from the trip. That'll be tonight. Now, jet-lagged, I have to go work a full day.

I guess I'll close with some lyrics from The Toronto Song.

I hate the skydome and the CN tower too
I hate Nathan Phillips Square and the Ontario Zoo
The rents too high, the airs unclean
The beaches are dirty, and the people are mean
And the women are big, and the men are dumb
And the children are loopy cause they live in a slum
The water is polluted and the mayors a dork
They dress real bad and they think they're New York
In Toronto, Ontario

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