Thursday, April 29, 2004

Monk News
Monk returns with Season Three on Friday, June 18 on USA Network. :)
Monk Season One on DVD available Tuesday, June 15.
Totally Fixed!
So I tuned in to Iron Chef America: Battle Of The Masters, solely because Alton was the commentator. Now first off, let's start off with the title. Battle Of The Masters? And it features Bobby Flay (who I think sucks supremes), and Wolfgang Puck ( who just annoys me). Where are these alleged masters? I think that Food Network has a Bobby obsession, because he won over Iron Chef Sakai. As if! I mean I was pretty peeved when they deemed him winner of Morimoto (my favorite Iron Chef) last year. That's just crap. There is no way he is better than them. Then I tuned in to Mario Batali (whom I like) battle Iron Chef Morimoto. And frankly, as much as I like Mario, his dishes were not as diverse as Morimoto's. Guess who won? Mario! I'm convinced this is a fixed event, where they feel bad for the poor American chef''s. I think it's unfair to the "real" Iron Chefs (they've given the title Iron Chef to the American chefs as well, which makes no sense, especially since they only battled twice (Flay), or never before) to have the judges be American. Why is it unfair? Because most of them have never experienced the kind of cuisine the "real" Iron Chefs prepare, and so they vote for the Yanks. There should be at least one Japanese judge. If I could find someone at Food Tv to forward my complaint to, I would do so. And I would urge you to do so as well.

Poor Alton. He's stuck with a reporter on the floor who is suppose to be Alton's eyes & mouth on the floor, and he can hardly tell a vegetable from a hole in the ground. Half of the dialogue is Alton correcting him on what he's seeing. He was useless. No offense to the guy, but how the heck did he get that gig?

I went to the bank today, and I find it humorous that my banking guy recognizes me now. Brenton is the only guy there who knows how to deposit Canadian cheques, so I can only go when he's there. And now he recognizes me. It's almost like I have roots in Denver.

So I emailed Meg to tell her about Scotland. Her first words? You suck! :) Even Diane is green with envy. Hey, it's about time I get to go somewhere. Besides which they both went to Japan. Now if we could only first class, I'd be happier. As it is, I'm sure the plane will be plenty big and roomy. I'd imagine anyways.

I'm gonna close with a quote from The Matrix.

Oracle: I'd ask you to sit down, but, you're not going to anyway. And don't worry about the vase.
Neo: What vase?
[Neo turns to look for a vase, and as he does, he knocks over a vase of flowers, which shatters on the floor]
Oracle: That vase.
Neo: I'm sorry...
Oracle: I said don't worry about it. I'll get one of my kids to fix it.
Neo: How did you know?
Oracle: Ohh, what's really going to bake your noodle later on is, would you still have broken it if I hadn't said anything?

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

The Old Sod

We're going to Scotland!!!!
Geoff and I are headed across the pond in July. There are hardly words to describe how excited I am. It's unbelievable. We're hoping to stay in a B&B or maybe more than one. We'll be in Glasgow and time & money will dictate how much we see & do. I never thought I'd get to take a trip like this.

Okay, onto to other stuff, though I feel like I could talk about all I want to do in Scotland forever.

Bill O'Reilly. You know I dig the guy, but I wasn't sure about what was said on yesterday's show. He talked about Canada's stance on the war, and he had a columnist from the Globe & Mail on (whom I thought came across in a less than flattering light). Anyways he said Canada was walking a path that would lead them into the same league as France. And you know how well France is liked here. So I had to email him about my logistics of Boycotting Canada. I don't think I could. But I'm disappointed that my home country isn't being supportive of the States. And I'm frightened by the "news" that Canada is fed. I better try to explain this better.

When I lived in Edmonton, I had a perception of what I thought the U.S. was like. I mocked Americans, and delighted in their misfortune. Then I moved to the U.S. and it wasn't quite like I thought it would be. It's different, and there are some arrogant stupid Americans, but that is also true of Canadians. Here they think Canadians are all sweet and friendly. And frankly, we're not all like that. But where did I form these opinions of a country I'd never seen? Am I making sense? I just don't think you can trust all media to be honest.

I think Bill's going to talk about it again today, so I'll have to tune in.

On a lighter note, I watched the movie Go yesterday. It was alright. Some of the movie I liked more than other parts, but I thought the casting was pretty good. I hope to watch the commentary on Goonies tomorrow, and make it to Peet's (which I didn't do on Tuesday).

We've started to set plans in motion for the Irvine trip. I have to email some friends who wanted to set up a get together. It's nice if you can get in a visit with several friends at once, so it doesn't take up all your nights. Like it does in Edmonton. :)

I couldn't stop myself, and I found out how Angel was going to end. Here's the thing, it's so very Joss to kill off characters. No one is safe from him. And the WB has agreed to put out some Angel movies on tv. But if you kill off the characters I love, where is the reward in tuning in? Granted, he often brings the dead back (Darla and Lilah to name two). But still...

It's only fitting to end with the lyrics to The Old Sod.

From the old sod to the new land we came over by the score
We cut the ties and said goodbye and closed the old world door
We settled on the prairies in your cities, and your towns
There's another oatmeal savage every time you turn around

And there's none more Scots than the Scots abroad
There's a place in our hearts for the old sod
Oh there's none more Scots than the Scots abroad
There's a place in our hearts for the old sod

Well we soon found our own kind formed clubs and social nights
We practiced on each other just to keep our accents right
For there's more tartan here than in all the motherland
We came 5,000 miles to the gathering of the clans

And there's none more Scots than the Scots abroad
There's a place in our hearts for the old sod
No!, there's none more Scots than the Scots abroad
There's a place in our hearts for the old sod

There's a bar in the rec room in the basement of our house
A little shrine to Ballantynes, Haig and famous grouse
There's a sprig of purple heather from the land that once was mine
And Robbie's on the tea towel with the words to Auld Lang Syne

And there's none more Scots than the Scots abroad
There's a place in our hearts for the old sod
Oh There's none more Scots than the Scots abroad
There's a place in our hearts for the old sod

Well Canada's been good to us we've a living and a home
We've all got central heating here and most are on the phone
I'm a citizen of both countries and I'm very proud to be
The thistle and the maple leaf are the emblems of the free

And there's none more Scots than the Scots abroad
There's a place in our hearts for the old sod
Ah there's none more Scots than the Scots abroad
There's a place in our hearts for the old sod

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Rotten Apples
Chris, I am sorry if I offended you. It's true of any group of people, that a few rotten apples can spoil the bunch. I know some very nice Liberals, and some very evil ones.

I stunned everybody at work yesterday by my declaration that I am a Republican. I don't know why they were surprised, but they were taken aback. Funnier still was the comment "but you can't vote". Amazingly enough I didn't get razzed that much. I get it much worse when the topic of creation comes up.

We watched A Mighty Wind last night. It was pretty good. It was fun to point out the actors who were also in Best In Show. It may be time to try to watch Waiting For Guffman. I'll check to see if the library has it.

I'll close with a quote from Beetlejuice.

Adam: What are your qualifications?
Betelgeuse: Ah. Well... I attended Juilliard... I'm a graduate of the Harvard business school. I travel quite extensively. I lived through the Black Plague and had a pretty good time during that. I've seen the EXORCIST ABOUT A HUNDRED AND SIXTY-SEVEN TIMES, AND IT KEEPS GETTING FUNNIER EVERY SINGLE TIME I SEE IT... NOT TO MENTION THE FACT THAT YOU'RE TALKING TO A DEAD GUY... NOW WHAT DO YOU THINK? You think I'm qualified?

Monday, April 26, 2004

Intolerable Cruelty
No, I'm not talking about having to spend time with Kerry-loving librocrits, but the movie. :)

We rented Intolerable Cruelty, and we were not disappointed. It was a little different than what I expected from the Coen Brothers, but it was good. I find Catherine Zeta-Jones' choice of movie roles interesting. I kinda think in real life she's a combination of Charlie Nicholson and Gwen Harrison. I could be wrong. She may a very nice person, but in Hollywood, how can you tell?

Dylan is going to start Kindergarten this fall. He'll be going to the school Colin & I went to, Julia Kiniski. How weird is that? I loved that school, I had a great teacher, Mr. Teitzen. I hope Dylan likes it there. 3 of my cousins also went there, so they are familiar with the Torrance name.

I checked at work about the Paleontology classes running this summer, and they don't start until August. Which is great, as I've got travel plans. But hopefully I'll earn some money to pay for a class. I also hope to earn some money for a visit to Edmonton. We'll have to see what the summer holds. Geoff and I still think going to Edmonton in March for the Brier would be awesome. It'll depend on how anxious I get.

It's a gorgeous sunny day here, with rain in the forecast for later this week. I have to got to the post office & library, so I may take an extended walk. I hope to walk to Peet's tomorrow and have some tea and read.

It's so nice to have Geoff home. We had a very relaxing weekend together. I'll close with a quote from Intolerable Cruelty. (I found this very funny in the outtakes.)

Miles Massey: What are they, ladles?
Wrigley: Berry spoons.
Miles Massey: Spoons?
Wrigley: Berry spoons. Everybody has spoons.
Miles Massey: And nobody *needs* berry spoons.
Wrigley: Everybody eats berries.

Saturday, April 24, 2004

Oh Joy!

Colin got a new job!

Friday, April 23, 2004

Two Lost Souls Swimming In A Fish Bowl
Ah, my fella is returning tonight. I have to try to not fit a week's worth of conversations into one night. It was a pretty dull week, the highlight being any chance I got to chat with people (online or in person).

So I awoke this morning to at least 4" of snow and it just kept falling. As I type, the snow has changed to rain, and there is heat coming off the ground. I borrowed the neighbor's brush to get the snow off it. We had a nice one, but it got accidently left in Jason's rental car. I tried to get one at Target, but they aren't selling them, cause it's Spring. :) Hopefully this will be the last snow until Winter, and then we can worry about a new snow brush.

Thank you for all the sympathy emails about my "trip" to Kiowa. I'm fine. :)

I could not believe Scrubs ended like that last night! I also loved the Janitor's comment "You're not Ross & Rachel". I'm telling you, Scrubs, Monk and This Just In are the funniest shows on tv. This Just In has aired it's six episodes, and I'm hoping Spike will hold onto that show and ask for more episodes.

Kelly has written some great stuff on her blog this week, you should be reading it regularly. I love that she doesn't hold back on how she feels about Tarantino.

I'm closing with a quote from The Cable Guy.

Steven: Can I get a knife or fork?
Wench: There were no utensils in medieval times, hence there are no utensils AT Medieval Times. Would you like a refill on that Pepsi?
Steven: There were no utensils but there was Pepsi?
Wench: Dude, I got a lot of tables.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Melissa's Big Adventure
So Shannon gave me really good directions to get out to her place in Elizabeth, and we had a great visit. She made some yummy soup which was perfect for a cloudy day. Kaylynn had me cracking up, and I know she thought I was pretty funny too. She has some fun toys. I headed out between 2:30-3:00pm, armed with my directions. Now I should mention that I don't read directions in reverse so well. I was driving, and looking for a second stop sign. I never saw one. I just kept driving, and once I reached a T intersection, I opted to turn right. Now I'm talking myself into stuff looking familiar, but nothing does. I finally see a sign that says Kiowa City Limits. I pull over and call Shannon. While the phone is ringing, my phone starts to beep to tell me I'm almost out of battery. Shannon encourages me to plug in the phone (which I can't), and to seek out directions. I promise to call her once I get home. So I'm beside a gas station & a real estate office. I choose the real estate office. Not because I think they'll know the area, but I figure they are probably more reliable than a gas station. First, I have to stop crying (don't feel bad, I wasn't crying so much, just a little). It has now started to rain pretty hard. I go in, and tell him I'm lost, help me find my way back to Denver. I need to find Parker Road. I tell him I was just in Elizabeth visiting a friend, but I'm totally lost. He starts to try to give me directions, then decides to draw me a map. When I tell him the route I took to get to Elizabeth he looks at me funny. He asks, where have you lived all your life? So I tell him Canada. Oh, he says, yeah, no roads needed there, you just have your snowmobiles. I nod sympathetically. ;)
So he draws the map and explains to me what the route will look like. Very simple directions. But I'm sure to ask him once I reach the road that will lead me home (Parker), I will be able to recognize it's the right one. Yes, it'll be the 3rd set of lights, and a major intersection. Map in hand, and a prayer, I'm off to head home. It's pretty rural, and the rain is really coming down. I find my way home, and I pass 2 Chick-Fil-A's and consider stopping to eat. But then I figure, I have food at home, plus Shannon will be waiting for my call. I walk in the door at 5pm, and call Shannon. She's been praying every half hour for me to make it home safe. She feels bad, and I assure her, it was likely unavoidable. Besides, I'm home safe. Next time the drive will be better. It won't deter me from seeing her & Kaylynn.

I usually have bad luck getting places when I am alone. Even when I'm not. There was the time I ended up in Santa Monica with Colin, Dawn & Dylan trying to find Hollywood. :) That was the worst experience. I was so upset I got physically ill. Colin had to drive. And then there was the day we arrived in Denver and I got lost trying to find the place where we had to return to Budget truck. I was crying a lot that day. The thing with Denver is, you get like no notice when your lane is going to end. And they have huge sections where there are one way streets.

Alright, just wanted to blog that. Scrubs is on in a few. I'm closing with a quote from This Is Spinal Tap.

David St. Hubbins: I do not, for one, think that the problem was that the band was down. I think that the problem *may* have been, that there was a Stonehenge monument on the stage that was in danger of being *crushed* by a *dwarf*. Alright? That tended to understate the hugeness of the object.
Ian Faith: I really think you're just making much too big a thing out of it.
Derek Smalls: Making a big thing out of it would have been a good idea.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Who'll Stop The Rain
It's all rainy here, which is good because they have drought issues. But I want nice weather for my drive to Elizabeth.
Jeff insisted I attended the volunteer luncheon today, so I went. They served Chicken Kiev, and a very yummy chocolate mousse cake for dessert. The speeches were kinda dull, but that it expected. I took the bus today, and was not prepared for the rain. I didn't bring an umbrella, so it was a damp walk home from the bus stop. My iPod made it better though. I can crank it, and enjoy the feel of fat rain drops on my face.

Angel tonight was awesome! Finally a Connor episode worth watching. I never liked Connor as a character, but tonight he was great. The best part was a comment Spike made that made me laugh, and clap and think of Geoff. He said Wes reeked of 12 year Lagavulin, and how he approved of that. :) Made me wish I had taped it so Geoff could have seen it. It was everything you want from an Angel episode. Makes me mad the WB is discarding the show. But what can you do? No other network will pick it up, claiming they don't want to pick at other networks scraps. Sigh. There are talks that they may do a Buffy or Angel tv movie, but that would be years away.

Geoff is having a blast in Monterey, which is good. I'd hate if he wasn't enjoying himself. But it will be nice to have him back Friday. Kitty is adjusting pretty well. I don't know what she'll do next month when we go to CA. I wish we could take her with us, but it's not fun for her to be in her cage all of the drive. She's happier if she gets to stick to her routine.

I know I usually close with a quote, but tonight, I'm opting for a comic strip.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Not So Lonely
I had dinner tonight with Fiona & Robin at the Squealing Pig, an Irish pub in Cherry Creek. It was pretty cool, the food was way yummy, and the server was very friendly. The prices were reasonable too.

I donated blood today. It's been 5 years since my last donation, so I was a little nervous. I almost didn't get to donate, as my blood pressure was low. It's always low, but apparently they have to have a minimum. It was 80/64, and if you don't get it high enough after 3 tries, you have to try again another day (obviously I got to stay). It went by pretty quickly, and the museum is planning to hold another drive in October around Halloween. The girl who organized it & I were talking while I was eating my cookies. She wants to get some vampire movies to watch during the October blood drive. So we shared what would make good vampire movies to show. I think after our discussion she was going to stop by Blockbuster tonight and rent Fright Night.
"Oh, you're so COOL, Brewster!"
I made plans with Fiona & Robin to go to Coldstone Creamery on Thursday. Mmm Coldstone. I also found out there is indeed a cheap theater in Denver/Aurora. I may drag Geoff there this weekend, they have Mystic River playing there.

I'm going to close with a quote from Big Daddy (mine & Dylan's favorite Adam Sandler movie)
Sonny: Having a kid is great... as long as his eyes are closed and he's not moving or talking.

Monday, April 19, 2004

The Polish Prince
I'm feeling a little like Bobby Vinton (The Polish Prince) "Lonely, I'm Mr. Lonely". Except that I'm Mrs. Lonely. Ah, it's only a few more sleeps until Geoff gets back. Worked, ran errands, napped, watched Forces Of Nature, had dinner, and spent time on the computer. I'm hooked on Tv Tome, it's a wealth of information.

I added a link to the Garden State movie trailer. It's a Zach Braff movie that has been getting some good buzz. He wrote it, he directed it, he stars in it. I'll likely have to wait until it comes out on DVD before I see it. I figure the next time we venture out to see a movie it will be The Incredibles (the next Pixar movie), though I hope to talk Geoff into Spider-man 2. Have you seen the most recent trailer? It looks awesome!

Geoff is having fun in California. I hope he's making good contacts. He met Brad at the ENC last year, so it pays off. Next year it will be held in Providence, Rhode Island. I may think about going, just because it might be cool. Every other year it's held in Pacific Grove/Monterey, CA so Geoff assures me one of these times I'll get to go. :)

I better get on putting a dent in my pile o' books. Kelly, I am digging The Quiet American. I like the way he writes. I'll email you when I finish it. I'm going to close with a quote from Saving Silverman. I've seen this movie a few times, and it keeps growing on me. I know someone in the movie, and they hated it! Said it was such a shame to be in it. I don't know, I kinda like it. Take it for what it is, Steve Zahn, Jack Black, Amanda Peet, and Jason Biggs.

Wayne: So Darren tells me you're a psychologist.
Judith: That's right.
Wayne: I'm in a related field.
Judith: Really? What is it?
Wayne: Pest and rodent removal.
Judith: How is that related?
Wayne: We both help people.

Sunday, April 18, 2004

It's Not Vinyl
There's something in the fact that the first thing I do once Geoff leaves is drag out my cassettes and listen to them. Geoff is ashamed that I still own and listen to cassette tapes. I explained to him, that if he'd help me find this stuff on cd or convince the iTunes Music Store to carry these songs, I'd part with them. Right now I am listening to Boulevard, I love this album! I also listened to one of my favorite songs Don't Turn Away (Dolby's Cube). The closest I've come to finding Don't Turn Away is on 45, so that's right out. I don't know what I'm going to do once I wear these tapes out. Ideally they will be replaced, but it's unlikely. All this talk of music prompted Lisa to email me to tell me what she's listening to. Lisa, you should be ashamed! :) I won't repeat it, but I feel bad for her. ;) There is much better music out there than that.

Going back to Dolby's Cube, it was a handle Thomas Dolby used when he produced the Howard The Duck soundtrack. I am not embarrassed to say I like the movie. It was kinda funny, but mostly I loved the music. Yes, it had bad hair, a talking duck, Jeffrey Jones worst acting gig, but if you can overlook all of that... I don't know maybe you can't.

Speaking of comic books turned movies, we watched Daredevil last night. Geoff liked it better than Spider-man. I couldn't believe he said that. No way did I think it was better than Spider-man (and not just because I think Tobey is awesome). Daredevil kinda started slow, but it wasn't bad. I like Ben Affleck, despite what some people think, I think he can be a pretty good actor with the right material. I don't think I could say who's done better movies, Ben or Matt Damon. The both have their good roles and their bad roles. I think Matt is a little pickier in his choices.

I'm closing with a quote from Office Space. Doug & I saw it in the theatre when it came out. I miss seeing movies with Doug.

Bob Porter: Looks like you've been missing a lot of work lately.
Peter Gibbons: Well, I wouldn't exactly say I've been *missing* it, Bob.

Saturday, April 17, 2004

Lost In Translation
So, we finally rented Lost In Translation. It was good, I liked Bill Murray. I don't know if I would buy it, I may have to stew on it for a while. I was disappointed that it made no mention of the nudity. Oh, yeah, and I watched Encino Man. I'd never seen it, and Geoff said there is no actor, no movie that can overcome having Pauly Shore in it. But it has Brendan Fraser, and Sean Astin. It was amusing in it's own way. That's all I have to say about that. :)

I got all caught up with a friend from high school online yesterday. James Andrews. Just saying his name or thinking about him will bring a smile to my face. James tells a good joke, he says the funniest things, and he knows everybody. James got me caught up on some people from high school, and what he & his brother Kyle have been up to. Since James keeps himself pretty busy, we don't usually get the chance to see him when we visit Edmonton. But I think on our next visit, I'll make more of an effort. He's still playing with The Unknown Poets and you can find their cd on the website. It's very entertaining. :)

I may use the excuse of living the single life next week to get on my scrapbooking. I also have some correspondence to catch up on. I signed up for the blood drive at work on Tuesday, and Tuesday night is the volunteer appreciation dinner.

I'm closing with a quote from Armageddon.

President: We didn't see this thing coming?
Dan: Well, our object collison budget's about a million dollars. That allows us to track about 3% of the sky, and beg'n your pardon sir, but it's a big-ass sky.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Going Home
Sovereign Lord, as you have promised,
you now dismiss your servant in peace. -Luke 2:29

Philip Gilman was the sweetest man at our church in Irvine. He always had nice things to say, loved the Lord with all his heart, and wanted to share that love with everyone he ever met. He passed away Tuesday at the age of 91. Please keep his wife Verdie, and their children in your prayers.

For in that sleep of death, what dreams may come.
--William Shakespeare
The Best Thing On TV
This is the best thing on tv right now.
Music Snob
When I started out at KUCI, before I even went on air, I felt like I knew nothing. Everyone there seemed to know more than I did, and they did. I latched on to Bill right away, interning on his show every week, absorbing everything he'd tell me. I did form my own opinions, not everything he loved I loved. But I learned a lot about music and radio in my years there. Music snobs were a plenty, and I think I started to become one. When High Fidelity came out, everyone at the station loved it, and it seemed to be to most of us we were those characters or we knew those characters.

I'm annoyed by the fact that there is a song on MTV that is so darn catchy and I love it. Worst of all it is by a band I swore years ago at KUCI that I hated. What's a music lover to do? I don't know. I want to buy the song from iTunes, but I may try to get the album out of the library and see if it's any good. I won't name the band I am referring to, not today anyway. So don't ask.

I remember before Barry (KUCI Alumni) moved to Princeton, he told me how frustrated he was that Sugar Ray had won him over. He hated them, and now he was trying to learn their songs on guitar. I mocked him, and months later, Sugar Ray won me over too. I still hate their song Fly, but I can't get enough of Answer The Phone.

I miss being exposed to new, unknown indie music. Now it just seems like so much work. With all my free time, I should be tuning into KUCI online. Oh that Bill were doing a show, I would tune in. In truth there are a lot of great dj's still at KUCI, and some great shows still on from when I was there.

I watched The Quiet American, so now I'm ready for the book. It was a good movie, and the acting was really well done. I don't watch many movies like that, but I was glad I broke out of my box and watched it. Brendan Fraser doesn't get enough credit for his dramatic work (see Gods & Monsters). But Michael Caine is awesome, I always enjoy his performances (see Miss Congeniality, The Cider House Rules, Without A Clue, Mr. Destiny).

I'll close with a quote from Miss Congeniality. I'm thrilled they are doing a sequel, and that Michael Caine will be back for that. :)

Gracie Hart: Look I know what I'm gonna do. I haven't done this since high school but it's like riding a bike.
Victor Melling: You are not having sex on this stage.
Gracie Hart: I didn't know that was an option.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Vegas Baby!
I turned on the tv yesterday after work, and Roswell was on Sci-Fi. They show it once a month in blocks of episodes. And it was the episode where the gang goes to Vegas. An entertaining episode, particularly the aliases Michael gives everyone. Then in the afternoon I got an IM from Kelly who was in Vegas! What a strange coincidence. She was up nearly $50 when I talked to her. I think she was there for just a few days with her friend Jim. And while she was there, she met Drew Carey! She says he's pretty cool. Geoff and I saw a taping of Who's Line Is It Anyway? ( a few years ago) and the coolest person there was Wayne Brady. While everyone took a break, he came out and talked with the audience. I told him he was awesome on the Emmys, and he said thanks. It was a fun time, not nearly as lengthy a process as seeing Friends (which was cool).

Not much else is going on here. Jason left this morning, Geoff had to wake me so I could say good-bye. I think I may be coming down with something, and I haven't been sleeping so well. Strange dreams.

I got some books out of the library to read while Geoff is gone next week. The Odyssey (Homer) and The Quiet American (Graham Greene). Brad recommended Crime & Punishment, so if I plow through those two, I may get that. I'm back to reading the classics. The Tattered Cover (the local bookstore) has Candide (Voltaire) for $3. I enjoyed that book, though I'm sure I didn't understand some of it. I'll take some more recommendations, but let me tell you what I liked: The Great Gatsby, Of Mice & Men, A Streetcar Named Desire, The Old Man & The Sea. So by that, what would you recommend?

I'm gonna close with a quote from Ed Tv, which was surprisingly good. (I don't care one or another about Matthew McConaughey).

John: Look, Ed, you put *anybody* on television sixteen hours a day, and sooner or later they're going to fall off a table and land on a cat.

Monday, April 12, 2004

What's Going On
So Jason arrived Saturday afternoon safely, and a little tired. We've enjoyed having him here, it's a shame he leaves tomorrow morning. The boys went to Copper Mountain to ski, and I think the snow we got this weekend helped out. Jason got to experience the Bull & Bush, and he loved it, naturally.

Museum is busy, and will only get busier as summer draws near. Easter service was pretty awesome we sang two of my favorites Nothing But The Blood and The Wonderful Cross.

Geoff says he had a good birthday. Saturday morning, we went out in the snow to go to Cosmopolitan Bread Cafe for breakfast. It was a quaint little place. Even in the snow, some people came in after us.

I'll close with a quote from Monsters, Inc.
Mike: Sulley, you're not supposed to name it. Once you name it, you start getting attached to it. Now put that thing back where it came from or so help me...
[Mike pauses, realizing that they suddenly have the attention of the entire scare floor]
Mike: Oh, hey. We're rehearsing a-- a scene for the upcoming company play called uh, Put That Thing Back Where It Came From Or So Help Me. It's a musical.
Mike: Put that thing back where it came from or so help me... so help me, so help me and cut. We're still working on it, it's a work in progress but, hey, we need ushers.

Sunday, April 11, 2004

Happy Birthday Geoffrey!
A good man obtains favor from the LORD- Proverbs 12:2a
He Is Risen!

THE RESURRECTION is God's way of revealing to us that nothing that belongs to God will ever go to waste. What belongs to God will never get lost—not even our mortal bodies.
-Henri J. M. Nouwen

Friday, April 09, 2004

Good Friday
Four years ago on Good Friday, Geoff & I were baptized in the Pacific Ocean. It was a day like today (rainy) but it was an experience I won't forget. Surrounded by friends, we made the public declaration we were Christ followers.

Only appropriate to close with a scripture quote.
Luke 23:44-49
It was now about the sixth hour, and darkness came over the whole land until the ninth hour, for the sun stopped shining. And the curtain of the temple was torn in two. Jesus called out with a loud voice, "Father, into your hands I commit my spirit." When he had said this, he breathed his last.
The centurion, seeing what had happened, praised God and said, "Surely this was a righteous man." When all the people who had gathered to witness this sight saw what took place, they beat their breasts and went away. But all those who knew him, including the women who had followed him from Galilee, stood at a distance, watching these things.

Thursday, April 08, 2004

This was Geoff's response to the news that John Woo will be doing a Metroid movie. I don't think I've ever played Metroid before, but Geoff has glowing reviews of it.

I had a very strange dream last night. I dreamt I saw someone from my past in a coffee shop, and we sat and talked outside my mom's house. My mom says to me "why are you talking to that freak?" (my mom doesn't usually call people freaks, but it's my dream, so...) I sort of shrug. He somehow manages to win over my brother, which is amazing, since my brother never cared for him. I think if I pick one thing from the dream that sticks out, it's that in my dream I'm kinda mad at this person for not acknowledging my dad's death. Which is weird to me, because who cares? It's times like this I seriously wonder about my mental health.

I made reference to Paul Bellows (of Splendourbog) in a previous post. He has a few solo albums, and I've been listening to his music on his website, and I really dig it. I'll have to talk to the banker once we have free money so I can get the albums. I think he would be a good pair with Easily Amused. I miss Canadian music. Being able to see it. Here's what's a little weird. Great Big Sea is playing in the Denver area and tickets are $18 each. Five For Fighting tickets, $10. Wouldn't you think GBS would be cheaper?

I'm pretty bummed about the fact we're going to get snow this weekend. I was so ready to pack up my winter clothes.

Time to sign off. Toy Story quote coming up.

Woody: Look, we're all very impressed with Andy's new toy.
Buzz: Toy?
Woody: T-O-Y, toy.
Buzz: Excuse me, I think the word you're searching for is "space ranger".
Woody: The word I'm searching for, I can't say, because there's preschool toys present.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

He'll Be Coming Around The Mountain
Hee hee! Jason is coming this weekend! It was so nice to get the email from him. He'll fly into Salt Lake City, then drive here (that's an 8 hour drive). He & Geoff may go skiing if time allows. I hope it allows.

I've filled out my paperwork for the INS, and now I have an appt on Friday to get my photo & fingerprint taken. What a huge stress it is to make sure everything is done properly. If there is one small problem, I can get denied. I wonder if this is comparable to applying for a grant. I'm going to bring a list of questions to ask to be sure I didn't miss a step.

It's cloudy & rainy now, and we're supposed to get snow this weekend. Joy.

I guess there isn't much more to write. My mom got a promotion at work, and it comes with a raise in a few months. Meg left Carleton Cards for an office job. Perhaps this is a sign of a job boom in Edmonton. I sure hope so, I know people who could use a good job. It was Doug's birthday yesterday, so we called to wish him a happy day. He seemed in good spirits, even after working a 13 hr day. All is well at the Herbert house. Seems that the Junos didn't make much of an impression on Edmontonians. Chris blogged about it, as did Paul Bellows (of Splendourbog), and Mom & Doug said it was nothing special. I know some people who went, perhaps I can get an account from them. I don't remember cool stuff like the Junos coming to town when I was there. :(

Well, that's it from me. I'll keep y'all posted on the INS/job. I'm closing with a quote from the The Tick (the animated version, that isn't available on DVD yet).

Tick: It's your turn now, Thorace-bog.
Thrakkorzog: It's Thrakkorzog. Thrakkorzog. With a K.
Tick: We're only serving humble pie, Whatchamazog.
Thrakkorzog: For the last time, it's...
Tick: Thorax-and-a-bog. Four-yacks-and-a-dog.
Thrakkorzog: No.
Tick: Ah, laxative-log.
Thrakkorzog: No, no, no.
Tick: Sapsucker-frog.
Thrakkorzog: Thrakkorzog.
Tick: Susan?
Thrakkorzog: Now you're doing it on purpose. How juvenile.

Monday, April 05, 2004

How Unfortunate!
Mmm, Lemony.
Sunday (4/11) is Geoff's birthday. He'll be joining the 27 club. I think he's excited, I know I am anxious to see what he thinks of his gifts. I'm taking him out for breakfast on Saturday, and Sunday morning we'll go to church (duh! It's Easter!). He's requested I duplicate the yummy chocolate cake, so I'll have to tackle it again.

In a huge surprise, I was sort-of offered a summer job at the museum, working as Assistant Collections Manager. Rich, the current ACM is going to Peru for the summer, so I'd take over while he's away. It's very exciting that Jeff thought I was up for it. It came with some very kind words about my work these past months. So I go through the hoops for the INS, and hope they say yes, and more importantly that they say yes quickly. I doubt many of you who read this blog are aware of some trouble the INS got into a few years ago. Someone took it upon themselves to destroy applications people had sent in. Thankfully mine was not, I sent mine in months before the crazy person started wrecking havoc.

I finished reading L.A. Confidential. It was not like the movie. The movie wasn't as dark, and the movie would have been too long if they had put in the whole book. I don't read many crime novels (I can't think of any I've read), so it was a change from what I'm used to. But it was pretty good. I did wonder how it would end, who the guilty parties would be. Then Saturday night, we watched the movie. It was weird to see it this time around, as the characters are so different. If anyone else has read the book & seen the movie, I'd love to hear their thoughts.

That's about it. Geoff says he can't believe how quickly his conference is coming up. I've made plans to make plans with Fiona & Robin. Nothing else going on. All I have planned for this week is the get that stuff off to the INS.

Only fitting to close with a quote from L.A. Confidential.

Sid Hudgens: [voiceover] Come to Los Angeles! The sun shines bright, the beaches are wide and inviting, and the orange groves stretch as far as the eye can see. There are jobs aplenty, and land is cheap. Every working man can have his own house, and inside every house, a happy, all-American family. You can have all this, and who knows... you could even be discovered, become a movie star... or at least see one. Life is good in Los Angeles... it's paradise on Earth." Ha ha ha ha. That's what they tell you, anyway.

Sunday, April 04, 2004

Tv News
Thanks to Chris for letting me know Wonderfalls has been cancelled. I'm not too surprised, it doesn't look well when after the first episode, the Executive Producer Tim Minear sends out emails pleading with people to tune in. And this Fox after all. The people who took away Harsh Realm, Lone Gunmen, and Titus.

On a lighter note, Scrubs has been renewed! Also, at the end of Monk they said new episodes would air in June. While USA has not officially announced it's renewal, they'd be nuts to not pick it up again.

As for the Save Angel campaign, I have heard nothing on whether or not it has swayed anyone. I like it's spunkiness to keep at tv execs to pick it up for another season.

I'll close with a quote from Wonderfalls (the episode Wound Up Penguins).

Darrin: Your mother and I are tickled to death that you've turned to the Lord for guidance, sweetheart. We just .. think it should be our Lord ..

Saturday, April 03, 2004

I Stand Corrected
The Name Of The Rose is being released on DVD July 6, 2004.

Friday, April 02, 2004

So Be It
I always feel dorky when I watch Christian Slater movies. Like, I'm 27, and I should be past watching his movies. I know Geoff dreams of the day I get past it. I watched Pump Up The Volume today. I remember my first day of training at KUCI, Barry told us it wouldn't be like Pump Up The Volume. But I like that movie, I like Heathers, Kuffs, Untamed Heart, and the best movie he did...The Name Of The Rose. Ah, the movie that is so good, and I know so few people who have seen it. I could count on one hand, the people I know who have seen it. It's hard to find, it hasn't been released on DVD, and who knows if it ever will be. But back to the point, why do I feel dorky? Is it because I feel like I'm transported back to when I was a teenager, and smitten with him? Or remembering the first time I saw these movies? Am I the only person who feels like this?

Heather & I were talking about music the other day, about the power songs can have over you. It reminds me of a line from a song, "the four right chords can make me cry". We were chatting about songs we used to like, but can't listen to because it reminds us of someone, or someplace. Whenever I listen to Sarah McLachlan's Fumbling Towards Ecstasy, I think of Kyle Andrews (whom Geoff does a very funny impression of). Kyle & I listened to that album a lot the few weeks we dated. I can listen to that album still, as it didn't end so bad with Kyle (from my perspective). But other friendships or relationships make some songs hard to deal with.

So some movies have attachments, though Geoff has informed me once you get married, all movies become your's & your significant other's. So I adopt Rudy, and he adopts Streets Of Fire. Ha ha ha! But by attachments I mean when I think of some movies, I remember who I saw them with. For example- She's All That (Heather), Clara's Heart (Dawn), The Mask (Alex), Forget Paris (Geoff). After Geoff and I had been dating for a while, I made a list of movies I like that I wanted him to see. We'd go to the video store and try to rent them. I'm pretty sure I threw the list out a few years ago, but I think he's pretty much seen all the movies.

I watched Wonderfalls last night, and Geoff didn't really care for it. So, it will likely turn into a Dawson's Creek thing, where I tape it and watch it later. I'm hoping he'll be open to Touching Evil tonight after dinner.

Alright, I'm heading to the Bull & Bush. Closing with a quote from Pump Up The Volume.

Mark Hunter: I'm dedicating this unusual song to an unusual person who makes me feel kind of... unusual.