Friday, November 13, 2009

Hit The Slopes

Do you know that I have only been skiing 3 times? None of those times have been on the beautiful mountains of Colorado.

I went skiing once on a bunny hill in high school, and then my first time was on my honeymoon in Jasper. The last time I skied was in 2003 at Mammoth in California.

I'm not adverse to skiing. I enjoy it, but not nearly enough to justify the price of a lift pass. I certainly don't want to spend the whole day out there. Not when there is a lodge with warmth, and my feet can breathe-not being crammed into awkward boots. Not when there is hot chocolate and hot tubs.

Someday, when the boys are older we'll aim to do a family ski day. Maybe we better start saving for that now.


diane said...

Geoff was on skis when he was 3--I have pictures to prove it. It's time for the boys to try it out, don't you think? :-)

melissa said...

I'd have to look into what ages they do at the local ski hills and see. Since Miles is on his way to being potty trained, he may be able to do it.

Geoff said...

Eldora says 4 yrs old, and $99 for a full day.