Thursday, January 07, 2010

Best Friend

My best friend is Lisa. We've known each other an insanely long time. Seen each other through teenage years, bad relationships, fights, and losing parents. WE talk on the phone several times a week. When I'm upset, she's the first one I call (after Hubby). When she's upset, she's calling me. We live far apart, but I feel closer to her now that I ever did as kids.

I love her like family. She's is family to me. I'd do almost anything for her.

Lisa & I with our husbands in Vegas, 2004


Kelly said...

That is sweet. I really wish my flight hadn't been cancelled, and I'd had more time in Edmonton, then I would have had some quality Lisa time!

Anonymous said...

Aw Miss, I love you too and feel the exact same way. We need to either make or win some money so we can have another trip :)

I wish we had a chance for a coffee too Kelly!

Thanks for posting this on my facebook page Miss. I need to get to your blog more often...bad friend I am!!! I love the beautiful mountain picture you have on here.