Wednesday, October 20, 2004

We Need Ace Ventura
Our neighbors' (the ones we like) cat is missing. The white one, Geoff's favorite. Her name is Monkey, and she's been gone since last night. She chased a squirrel off the balcony. When I got home from work, we spent 90 minutes looking around the property for her. I looked again this morning by daylight. We thought that maybe because she's a scaredy cat, that she'd just be hiding, but once she got hungry, she'd venture to find a way home. I feel just awful for the neighbors (whose names we now know. They've lived here for a year!).

I think I'll keep looking while I go to the library and store. I hope Monkey comes home soon, or that someone finds her and sees the flyers. The other 2 cats are just miserable without her.

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